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Copyrights and trademarks of Lions Clubs International

The Lions emblem (logo), the words "Lions", "Lions Club", "Lions International" and "Lions Clubs International" are all registered trademarks of Lions Clubs International in all parts of the world. The trademark laws require that LCI has to restrict and guard the use of these trademarks in order to maintain its rights to them. For this effect the Lions Clubs International and its General Council have given out a set of rules about the use of these trademarks. This is a translated, shortened and unofficial version of these rules. For further information please contact Lions Clubs International and its General Council.

  • No product that contains the Lions logo or the words "Lions", "Lions Club", "Lions International" or "Lions Clubs International" may be sold or otherwise distributed to Lions members, Lions Clubs, Lions Districts or the general public without the prior written permission from the LCI General Council.

  • A Lions Club, Lions District or Lions member does not have the right to use the Lions emblem on any product or goods that are intended to be sold to Lions members or the general public in order to collect money. For this purpose there exists a special emblem that bears the text "Lions Club Fund Raising Activity Seal". For using this emblem a prior written permission from the LCI General Council is required.

  • No producer, printer, publisher, advertiser or other type of commercial entrepreneur, commercial or charity organization or club or association is allowed to use the name, good will, trademark, award, logo, emblem, pin or other similar item for any purpose, except when it has received a prior written permission from the LCI General Council.

  • No Lions district or other combination of Lions Clubs is allowed to use the name or emblem of the association in combination with any program or activity of the group or district without a prior written permission from the international board of LCI, granted towards precisely that named activity. A permission can only be granted for activities that are under supervision of Lions districts, clubs or groups of clubs, and only when the participation of individual Lions members and clubs in these programs or activities is totally voluntary so that the clubs and members are not forced to grant money for them.

The Lions trademarks that are available for downloading from the LionNet pages are intended solely for the internal purposes of Lions Clubs and are to be only used in accordance with the rules set up by the Lions Clubs International and its General Council.

Unofficial remark: All Lions Clubs that we are aware of that have asked the LCI for permission to use the Lions trademarks on their WWW pages have so far received permission to do so, as long as the contents of their WWW pages lie strictly within the rules and code of ethics set forth by the LCI. However, this statement here does not constitute any kind of permission to use the Lions trademarks at any occasion anywhere. The LionNet cooperation network is not in a position to give such permissions or statements.

We strongly encourage everybody who is planning to use the Lions trademarks in any occasion to request for prior permission from Lions Clubs International.

Copyrights and trademarks of LionNet International
The name "LionNet", the slogan "On the Net We Serve" and the layout of the word "LionNet" as written in golden yellow letters of the Arts&Letters (c) "Heritage" font or any font belonging to the "Goudy" (c) font family are copyright Lion Ilkka Siissalo, Lions Club Espoo/Meri, Finland and Lion Robert "Bob" Willis, Lions Club Calgary / North Hill, Canada and the LionNet International Administrators.

These marks constitute internationally accepted trademarks through established public use that grants them similar legal protection as registered trademarks. The trademark right holders grant the rights to use these marks, noted here as "LionNet trademarks" only according to the following rules

  • The LionNet trademarks may only be used by Lions Clubs, Lions Districts and Lions and Leo members that belong as full members to the Lions Clubs International.

  • The LionNet trademarks may only be used in reference to Internet service sites and Internet services that are officially approved by the LionNet International Administrators as LionNet service nodes.

  • These trademarks including the LionNet name are intended only for use by national, state or province or Lions Multiple District level Internet services that are approved by the LionNet International Administrators or clickable links and other types of references to these sites from district and club websites, said links using the small logo, a button graphic incorporating the logo, or the word LionNet as a link.

  • These trademarks are not intended as names or signs of Lions Club or District level websites.
Specifically, it is not allowed for any Lions Club, District or combination of clubs to use these LionNet trademarks and set up new "LionNet service nodes" or use a name like "LionNet geographical_name" without prior permission from the LionNet International Administrators.

Combined trademarks of Lions Clubs International and LionNet International

The LionNet logo as shown above, being the combination of the "Heritage" or "Goudy" font golden yellow text "LionNet" and showing the Lions logo on the letter "o" falls under both the LCI trademark rules and the LionNet trademark rules. We urge all LionNet cooperation members to carefully study these copyright and trademark rules, to strictly obey them and to immediately report to the LCI General Council and the LionNet International Administrators of any use that they have noticed that breaches these rules.

For more information about the trademark rights and right to use the copyrighted items, please contact Lions Clubs International and/or LionNet International Administrators.

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