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Lions Clubs are welcome to use Lions e-Clubhouse through LionWAP.org to make and maintain a free website. This free service is provided by Lions Clubs International and the volunteers of LionNet.com. 

Other organizations, such as Districts, Leo Clubs, Lions Club Charities and Lioness Clubs are welcome to create a new website using the original LionWAP.org services.  For more details, [ click here

Lions Clubs get started with their Lions e-Clubhouse website by visiting the website at www.e-clubhouse.org  and visiting the New User section.

Simply fill out an application to get started.  You will need your Club Name, Club ID, President's name, Meeting time and place on the application.  

You will get to know the volunteers at LionNet.com as they teach and assist you with your club's website. Please use your own name when communicating with these volunteers.   Always remind us what Lions Club that you represent.  

Please submit only one application.  Errors are easy to correct, following approval. 

Lions e-Clubhouse
Lions e-Clubhouse Application  
 After filling out the Application, you will receive an email that confirms that your website has been setup; along with your Username and Password.
Visit these Lions e-Clubhouse website examples:


Thank you for joining us.


Your LionNet Administrators

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